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Opinion On iLife ’11

Apple today introduced the new 2011 edition of iLife, called appropriately enough iLife ’11. But was there anything to get excited about.

Perhaps. The new edition apparently is comprised of three programs; iPhoto, Garageband and iMovie. The massively glaring omission here is that iWeb has not been included in this new edition. Does this mean that Apple is dropping iWeb from its software portfolio or are they planning something bigger for the iWeb software which will be released separately. Either way, it’s missing from the new iLife package.

UPDATE: iWeb is included on the disc – it just hasn’t been updated!
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7 Inch iPad Will Never See The Light Of Day

During Apple’s Q4 earning conference call yesterday, Steve Jobs firmly iterated the company’s position on 7 inch tablets. They are useless and you can be sure that Apple is not going to release one.

The Apple head honcho noted that the screen real estate available would not facilitate good user interaction and that 10 inches was the minimum screen size necessary for functional tablet computers.

This news is in direct contrast to the months of rumors that have been swirling round noting that Apple was getting ready to release a 7 inch edition of the iPad between Christmas and March 2011.  Continue reading

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A Steve Jobs Perspective: Interview

If you want to learn a little bit more about Apple and Steve Jobs from the early days, then Cult of Mac has just dropped the motherload and published a phenomenal interview with John Sculley, ex-CEO of Apple.

The transcript is absolutely fascinating and gives insight into the the mind of Steve Jobs and the way he goes about engineering or ‘discovering’ new Apple products.
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Rumors Of Microsoft-Adobe Merger Are Nonsense – But What Are They Plotting?

It has been reported that Microsoft and Adobe CEOs have held a secret meeting, one of the prime topics being how the two companies can get together to topple Apple’s hold on the market (via the New York Times)

While some have speculated that this meeting was to discuss a potential Adobe takeover by Microsoft, this has been dismissed as rubbish.  However, it has not been disputed that the two CEOs did actually meet and that they were considering some sort of mutually beneficial partnership that would make them both stronger and able to withstand the onslaught of ground breaking products emerging from Cupertino.

Given that the primary source of Apple’s recent success has been the iPad, Continue reading

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Was Apple TV Launched Too Soon?

The new iteration of the Apple TV device was released upon the eager public last week, a full four weeks after Steve Jobs had announced it at the September 1st Apple keynote event, and in time to honor Jobs’ promise that users would have their hands on it before the end of September. But with this launch, there are clues that Apple launched the device earlier than even they had anticipated, probably so they would gain an advantage over Google TV. Let’s look at the evidence…

The new Apple TV was launched with a user interface that was remarkably similar to the one found in the first generation Apple TV, except, that is has been built from the ground up using the iOS software that Apple has been carefully shepherding into the majority of their mobile devices. Given the dramatic redesign of the hardware, it seems strange that Apple would choose not to redesign the software. Even more strange is that Apple are disguising the very well-designed iOS software to look like something else. this suggests that, while a new hardware design was apparently designed, engineered and prepared for release, there was not enough time before launch to complete a redesign of the UI. Small modifications of an existing UI seemed like a bit of a shortcut to reduce launch time.
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Paying With Your iPhone – A Sign Of Things To Come

With the news that the people of New York can now pay for their jaunts on public transport with their iPhone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that near-field technology has already arrived and nobody told you.

Sadly, not yet. But this method of payment, while still in trial form at the moment, is exactly how Apple sees the iPhone being positioned as an ‘electronic wallet’ in the future. You can take a look at the video over at Mashable to get an illustration of the but, briefly, The payWave system that is demonstrated in the video involves launching a Visa iPhone app and waving your iPhone at a sensor positioned at a gate near the entrance to a train or bus.

Apple very recently hired a near-field technology specialist and it is clear that they are looking to implement this feature in the next iteration of the iPhone. Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Is A Ninja

Not strictly related but funny nonetheless given Steve Jobs’ alleged reported ninja links.

Be afraid…
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Lame New iTunes Icon Defended By Steve Jobs

The new iTunes icon has undergone some criticism but Steve Jobs stands stoically behind it, according to Wired.

Jobs found time to respond to an e-mail criticizing the new icon, which replaced the old iTunes icon showing a CD.  The icon update was seen to reflect the fact the iTunes sales of music will are predicted to overtake CD sales at some point early next year.  The real issue however, is the motivation and reasoning behind changing the icon at all.

With iTunes aiming to act as the multipurpose software for managing the majority of media content and interaction with mobile devices on your Mac, why is Apple still calling it iTunes at all?  The software acts as a portal for software and operating system management for iPad, iPhone and iPod, it manages visual media such as movies, TV shows and eBooks (yet still does not incorporate an eReader for the eBooks that it manages).  And it provides the primary interface for the management of your iTunes account, the central payment source for the majority of your downloadable Apple services.

With the release of iTunes 10, it is clear Continue reading

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Apple Launches New Webpage For iPad iOS4.2 – Coming In November

Apple has launched a new webpage for iOS 4.2 which will apparently be arriving on the iPad in November.  The page simply details some of the new features, including Folders, multitasking, printing, AirPlay, Game Center and enhanced e-mail, all of which will be coming to iPad with the launch of iOS 4.2.

Take a look at the page and rub your hands with glee at the anticipation.

And one more thing.  During Steve Jobs’ presentation Continue reading

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First Thoughts On The Apple September 1st Event Announcements

Steve Jobs took the stage on Wednesday 1st September to introduce the Apple event which included a few HUGE announcements, some of which we had accurately predicted. Here’s an overview of what actually emerged and our first thoughts about the new devices that were announced.

First, Steve introduced the new line of iPods.  Apple has updated the entire line of iPods and the new models are available for pre-order now.  The iPod Shuffle is now smaller with better battery life, front buttons, Voiceover and comes in 5 colours.  Priced at $49 (for the 2GB model), this is a great device and a great pricepoint.  It’s nicely complemented by the new iPod nano, a touchscreen iPod which will fit on the wrist, is an ideal size for the gym and, with pedometer included, integrates with Nike+.  Starting at $149 this is also hugely desirable and awesome.  Finally, the new iPod touch Continue reading

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