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Pandora Announces It Will Limit Free Listening Hours

Radio streaming service Pandora has announced that they will be limiting the number of listening hours for their stations to 40 hours per month for users who are using their free service. The announcement comes as the company notes that they have had to pay an increase of over 25% in music royalty rates over the past three years, with an additional 16% increase expected over the next two years. The 40 hour per month limit will apparently allow them to manage their costs.

The free service offered by Pandora is currently an ad-supported model that has allowed for unlimited streaming of stations interspersed by advertisements. Users can upgrade to Pandora One for ad-free listening ($3.99 per month) or pay a fee of $0.99 to remove the streaming limit whilst still retaining the advertising.
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RunKeeper Releases Major New Update For iOS App


In a spectacularly well timed release for those who are planning to increase their fitness level in the New Year, RunKeeper has released the next major version of their iOS app. Version 3.0 of RunKeeper brings with it a new user interface which is cleaner and easier to use than its predecessor. Users will apparently find it more motivating as it more clearly highlights personal fitness achievements, translating, one would hope, to increased usage.

The new app also improves the social aspect of the app, meaning that more weight is placed upon competing with friends and colleagues, as well as enhanced functionality related to in-app photo sharing of workouts. All of these features are integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can post to social networks without having to move to another app.
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Retina Display Adobe Photoshop Now Available

A rather significant update for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for OS X has been released today in the form of a Retina Display update for the flagship photo editing and image software. The update to Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 enables a HiDPI mode, which means that all icons are now in Retina Display resolution for both the 13 inch and 15 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro. The update itself weighs in at around only 128MB and can be downloaded free from Adobe.

One word of caution however, is that obviously, if you are using a non-Retina Display external monitor (like a Thunderbolt display), as many users do when working with Photoshop, the update won’t make any difference to the resolution that you’ll see on that display. It is only noticeable on the display of the MacBook Pro itself, so you’ll have to wait until Apple releases a Retina-compatible Thunderbolt display.
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Apple Releases Twelve Days Of Christmas App For 2012

Apple has today released their popular ’12 Days of Christmas’ app for the 2012 holiday season, bringing with it a whole host of holiday free-app goodness. The app, looking exactly as it did last year, gives users the opportunity to claim a selection of songs, music videos, apps, books and TV episodes for free. As noted in the terms of the app, any free downloads will only be available for 24 hours.

Sadly for US users, the app is only available to those with an iTunes account in either Canada or Europe. If you have purchased (free!) the app before then it’s just a case of re-downloading it and the app will activate on December 26 and will offer free gifts right the way through to January 6, 2013.
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Apple Releases Third iOS 6.1 Beta To Developers

Apple has today seeded the latest version of the next substantial update to iOS 6 to registered members of the iOS developer program. The company today released the third beta of iOS 6.1 for Developer testing (via MacRumors), and it is available for download now (as long as you are a paid up Apple Developer). This latest update brings iOS 6.1 closer to release (for comparison’s sake, the original iOS 6 software went through four Developer betas).
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Apple Releases iTunes ’11 With Some Big New Features

Apple has today released the latest iteration of its media and mobile device management software, iTunes ’11. The new software is available free of charge either through Software Update or by direct download and brings with it a substantial number of new features and changes. One major change is a complete redesign of the iTunes Store, which is supposed to make searching for apps and media much easier.

The user interface has also received a significant makeover, with edge to edge design and a more minimal, clean look. This also incorporates a new miniplayer which includes a new search function and album art. It’s pretty funky. iTunes ’11 as a whole incorporates all of these changes with a view to making searching for media and apps a lot easier, and at first look, it certainly seems to offer an improvement.
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The Apple Store Goes All Festive

Apple has today updated the online Apple Store with a rather festive theme, launching their holiday gift guide. The company is labeling the iPad mini as ‘The Year’s Biggest Gift. Only Smaller’. They have also highlighted the iPod touch and the MacBook Air as excellent gifts, as well as providing a gift guide, noting that everything that is contained within the gift guide will be shipped free of charge.
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Clear App For Mac Is Released (For Busy, Wealthy People)

A new version of the popular, gesture-driven list app for iOS devices, Clear, was released for OS X devices today by developers RealMac Software. The app is priced at an introductory price of $6.99 for today only, but then rising to an eventual price of $14.99. Clear for Mac looks, unsurprisingly, a lot like Clear for iPhone, except that it opened in a small window rather than in a full screen mode.

The crux of the app is that as long as you have a trackpad, you’ll be fine. The user interface works like the iOS version with two finger swiping controlling most of the action. You can use a mouse if you want but it kind of defeats the entire reasoning behind the user interface design. The app will sync over iCloud with your iOS devices so your lists will always be up to date.
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Angry Birds Star Wars; Definitely Not The Last Angry Birds You’ll Ever Buy

The developers of the incredibly popular Angry Birds franchise, Rovio, have released the latest iteration of Angry Birds on the iOS and Mac App Stores in the form of Angry Birds Star Wars. The new app incorporates a whole bunch of new features, as well as the Star Wars tie in to provide an pretty cool new experience for Angry Birds fans. At the outset, there’s 80 levels to play through, with more to come in the future.

So, how does it play? Well, exactly like you’d expect it to – like a Star Wars themed version of Angry Birds. It’s actually pretty cool and familiar in a weird way. There’s nothing amazingly new about it, but as someone who has purchased Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio and now Angry Birds Star Wars, it provides more than enough entertainment for the price ($0.99 for iPhone/iPod, $2.99 for iPad, $4.99 for Mac).
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Rumor: Microsoft Office Arriving On iOS Devices Early 2013

A new report, accompanied by screenshots, is suggesting that Microsoft will finally be releasing an Office suite of apps on iOS devices early next year. The report from The Verge says that Microsoft has been working on Office for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and that the new app will be launched completely free of charge, allowing users to read Microsoft Office documents on their iOS devices. That means that any file that was created on a Mac or PC using either Powerpoint, Word or Excel will now be viewable using the Office apps on an iOS device. Editing those documents is actually a different story.

Microsoft will enable editing of Office files as long as users purchase a subscription for Office 365, which can be done via an in-app purchase mechanism (we’re assuming that Apple will take a 30% cut for those in-app purchases). This will apparently allow basic editing but there will be no advance document creation tools, even for iPad users. The screenshot above gives an idea of what the apps will look like.
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