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How To Migrate Photos From Aperture To Lightroom

Following on from the revelation that Apple would be discontinuing development on their professional photo management software, Aperture, many users will be looking to turn to the major alternative Lightroom. Adobe’s Lightroom, which is a pricier offering than Aperture, offers much of the same library management and editing functionality of Aperture and can be used to manage photo workflow for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.
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Apple Releases OS X 10.9.3 And iTunes 11.2

OS X Mavericks
Apple has today released a significant update for the OS X 10.9 operating system in the form of OS X 10.9.3, bringing with it a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. The update, available now through the Mac App Store, has been in Developer testing for the past two months and is recommended for all users of the Mavericks OS. The update brings extended support for 4K displays on the new Mac Pro and on the 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.
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Microsoft Eases Up On Office 365 Pricing For Mac And iPad


Microsoft has today modified the pricing structure for its Office 365 suite of programs giving Mac and iPad users of the service a little more flexibility in terms of subscription options. Following on from the release of Office for iPad late last month, Microsoft is now offering an Office 365 Personal subscription for one iPad and one Mac for $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.
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Microsoft Office 2014 For Mac Is Incoming

Mac Office 2011

Microsoft is apparently preparing to launch the next version of Office for Mac at some point in 2014, according to new information that has been directly sourced from Microsoft. According to Computerwoche (via MacWorld), Microsoft Business Group Lead Thorsten Hübschen has suggested that there will be some news on the software revealed in the second quarter of this year, and that Microsoft is extremely far into development of the new product.

Additionally, and in contrast to the typical Apple response to unreleased product queries, a Microsoft representative confirmed that they are hard at work on the next version of Office for Mac and that Office 365 subscribers will be able to upgrade to the newest version at no extra cost. The representative did not have any information on the timing of the release of the software however.
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Researchers Claim iMessage Security Is Not Unbreakable

iMessage iOS 7
According to a new claim from a group of researchers giving a presentation at the Hack The Box conference taking place in Kuala Lumpur, iMessage security encryption can apparently be circumvented. The claim (via MacWorld) was made by Cyril Cattiaux, an employee of software testing company Quarkslab, and suggests that it would be wrong of Apple to claim unbreakable encryption for iMessages.
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Apple Buys A New Company; Locationary

Apple Maps

Apple has apparently acquired a new startup company, Locationary, according to AllThingsD. The site reports that the company has targeted Canadian company Locationary as it seeks to improve location data for local businesses. The Canadian company also uses crowdsourced information to build comprehensive mapping listings and up to date information on local businesses. There are no details of what value was attached to the company but the report suggests that Apple has acquired both the Locationary team, and the technology underlying the data sourcing.
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Apple Announces New iWork For iCloud

iWork for iCloud
Apple has today demonstrated the latest version of iWork with deep iCloud integration, called iWork for iCloud. The new software can be opened right from a web browser, with online versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers. The new software allows full document and presentation editing from within the browser in addition to offering new features on the desktop versions of the software. Users can even open and edit iWork documents in another OS such as Windows 8.
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Rumor: Microsoft Office 2014 For Mac To Arrive In April 2014

Microsoft Office iPad
A new report is suggesting that Microsoft is targeting April 2014 for a launch of the next generation of Office products for Mac. The new software, tentatively called Office 2014 is on the Microsoft roadmap for next year, according to a source for ZDNet who say that the ‘Gemini 1.5′ update will hit in April of 2014 and that the iOS version of Office could arrive in October 2014, including the long rumored iPad version of Office.
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Rumor: Spotify Is Going To Launch A Streaming Video Service

Spotify, the highly popular free and paid-for music streaming company, is apparently planning to launch a video streaming service that would be intended to take on services like Netflix and HBO. The news comes from Business Insider who apparently have the information from two sources, and are saying that Spotify wants to expand into the on-demand video market with the intention of investing in original programming, much like the recent efforts of Netflix and House of Cards.

Spotify is apparently trying to secure funding partners for the venture, in addition to reports that it is now estimated to be worth in excess of $3 billion. The production of original programming and distribution through company owned channels (a la Netflix and HBO), could generate significant amounts of revenue for Spotify, rather than simply relying on narrow margins of profit from music streaming.
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New Trojan Hits Mac Web Browsers

A new piece of adware is apparently circulating which affects the web browsers on OS X devices, causing them to display advertisements on webpages with no ad code implemented. The report on the new Trojan comes from Doctor Web, a Russian security firm (via TNW), who report that the Trojan which is called Trojan.Yontoo.1, can inject code to Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers which causes them to display advertisements.

The Trojan works by utilizing a variety of websites, sometimes displaying innocuous content like movie trailers, and tricks users into downloading what they think is a video plugin called Twit Tube. Instead of a movie plugin, the program then downloads a piece of injectable code for the Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers, which then causes ads to display on any pages to which the user browses. The ads are targeted towards the site that is being browsed, as in the example given by Doctor Web, the ads for an iPad appeared on the Apple website.
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