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An iPad Is More Romantic Than Flowers

iPad Valentines Day
Apple has made some changes to their Online Store in many countries to reflect the upcoming celebrations associated with Valentine’s Day. The iPad and the iPad mini are given top billing, together with the iPod touch and iPod nano as apparently ‘there’s more than one way to say I love you’. The company has also posted shipping deadlines for many of their popular products to make sure that buyers can get them in time for Valentine’s Day. It is worth noting, however, that the iPad mini is in the highest demand, requiring orders for standard shipping by January 30.
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The New iMac Is Now Available To Purchase Online And In Store

Apple has today started allowing customers to place order for the brand new 2012 iMac, both in Apple retail stores and online through the Apple online store. The first batches of 21.5 inch iMac models have apparently reached Apple retail stores and will be available for walk in purchases, although the stock will be pretty limited in the first instance. Customers can also place orders for both the 21.5 inch model, with a base price of $1299, and the 27 inch model, with a base price of $1799 online.

The 27 inch model will not start shipping until December and is not yet available in retail stores, as Apple has stated that it will not launch until December. Currently, the 21.5 inch models are still showing as shipping in 1-3 days, so have not sold out yet. The 27 inch model is being shown as shipping in 2-3 weeks, meaning that it should launch in the first half of December.
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The New iMac Will Be Unleashed On Friday

Apple has today issued a press release stating that the brand new iMac, announced at the same event as the iPad mini, will go on sale in stores on Friday, November 30. The first model of the redesigned super-thin iMac to become available will be the 21.5 inch version, with the 27 inch version of the device still on target to launch in December. The new models will be available through the Apple Online Store, through physical Apple retail stores and through Apple resellers.

Earlier rumors had suggested that resellers had begun receiving notifications that new iMac models would be arriving in the coming days with a possible launch today, but this press release from Apple clarifies the roll out schedule. The company does not provide an exact date for the 27 inch iMac launch in December but will likely be making an attempt to get them in retail stores before the holiday season, particularly since the press release states that the 27 inch versions will begin shipping in December.
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You Want An iPhone 5 Right Now….You Got It

Following on from a rather successful launch of the iPhone 5 in which Apple saw some extremely high demand for the device, supply appears to be finally catching up with demand. In contrast to the story from weeks ago when eager consumers looking to get their hands on an iPhone 5 would have to wait 4-6 weeks for the device to ship, the estimated ship times for the latest iPhone 5 have leveled out, and Apple will now dispatch a new iPhone 5 within one week of receiving the order.

The new shipping times affect more than just the USA, with Apple Stores in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand. However, demand is still high in some countries such as the UK, where shipping times are still stretching to two weeks for dispatch.
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Happy Black Friday: Apple Product Sales Are In Full Flow

The traditional Black Friday sales of Apple products are now in full swing at a number of third party retailers, and notably, Apple has started its own Black Friday deals in both US and International Apple Stores. The company is offering some significant discounts on its products including the Macbook Air, the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro with Retina Display all coming in at $101 knocked off the retail price. Other products to receive a discount include the fourth gen Retina Display iPad with a $41 discount, the iPad 2 with $31 discount and the iPod touch with $31 off.

That said, it’s recommended that you shop around as MacMall is offering slightly greater discounts with their own 60 hour Black Friday sale which sees the Retina Display MacBook Pro as being discounted by $151, the fourth generation iPad with a $45 discount and similar discounts to Apple on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The Mac mini is also discounted by $25.
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Brand New iMac Models Will Actually Arrive This Year

A new report is suggesting that Apple is on schedule with shipments of the new thinner iMac models and that they will indeed be shipping this year as had been originally announced. The report comes from 9to5Mac who say that their sources are pointing towards a November launch for the 21.5 inch version and a December launch window for the 27 inch version. This contradicts a rumor from last week that the Apple supply chain was struggling with the engineering demands of the new models and that launches would be pushed back to 2013.

The report notes that Apple retail stores will soon be receiving stock for sale within the stores, and that the Apple online store will soon be updated to allow online orders of at least the 21.5 inch versions, and perhaps even the 27 inch versions as well. The new devices will, however, be available in limited numbers so placing an order quickly is a good idea if you are looking forward prior to the festive break.
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The Apple Store Goes All Festive

Apple has today updated the online Apple Store with a rather festive theme, launching their holiday gift guide. The company is labeling the iPad mini as ‘The Year’s Biggest Gift. Only Smaller’. They have also highlighted the iPod touch and the MacBook Air as excellent gifts, as well as providing a gift guide, noting that everything that is contained within the gift guide will be shipped free of charge.
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Apple Store Now Offering Order Status Updates By Text Message

The Apple Store went down overnight, prompting speculation about the release of Mountain Lion or a new iPhone 5. Alas, the Store has returned, but without new products. There is, however, one improvement which will help eager consumers keep track of their orders from the online Apple Store, and that is the ability to receive order status updates by text message. The text notification service is in addition to the e-mail notification service giving tracking information, as well as info on when an order ships or is available for pickup from a local Apple Retail Store.
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Apple Restocks Massive Amount Of Refurbished Items In Online Apple Store

Following on from several days with absolutely no items in the refurbished section of the online Apple Store, Apple has completely restocked the area with a huge amount of items in the OS X and iOS device lines. There was no reason given for why the company was either letting the refurbished stock drop to nothing or whether or not a website error meant that no stock was showing up, but there a large amount of bargains available now.

Among the available products are refurbished MacBook Air models both with the earlier version Core 2 Duo processors and the later model Core i5, starting at $759 for an 11 inch model. There are also refurbished 2011 MacBook Pro models with Core i5 processors, as well as 2011 iMacs, also with Core i5 (quad core for the iMac, dual core for the MacBook Pro). There are also Mac Pro models from 2010.
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Rumor: Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Set For July 22nd Release

The next iteration of the Mac operating system, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion could be headed for a launch in the last week of July, specifically July 22nd, if Apple employee vacation blackouts are to be believed. According to MacRumors, Apple has put in place a vacation blackout for retail employees from July 22nd to July 29th, to support an unspecified event. There is no word on what the event is, but the vacation blackout suggests that a new product will be unveiled in Apple Stores.
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