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Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta 3

ios 7
Apple has today released the third beta of the next generation operating system for its mobile devices, iOS 7. The beta is the third release in the Developer testing schedule and is available only to registered members of the Apple Developer program. The update, f0r iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is available as a downloadable update for iOS 7 beta 2 users and can also be downloaded through the Apple Developer center on the web.
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Apple Releases New Version Of The 16GB iPod Touch

new ipod touch 16gb
Apple has today released a modified version of the iPod touch which, instead of including a new feature, actually removes one in favor of a significant reduction in price. The company has released an update to the iPod touch in the form of a fifth generation 16 GB model with a 4 inch screen that lacks a rear iSight camera. The price of the new model is $229 and is available in black only, with a silver rear panel.
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Rumor: Apple iWatch Not Launching Until Late 2014

iPod nano Watch
Following on from multiple rumors suggesting that Apple will be launching a smartwatch device near the end of 2013, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that the so called ‘iWatch’ will not debut until the second half of 2014 at the earliest (via MacRumors). The analyst, who has repeatedly demonstrated accurate knowledge of unreleased Apple products in the past, suggested that due to issues developing both hardware and software for the device, production will not start until after mid-2014, placing release of the device in the second half of next year.

The iWatch is rumored to sport a 2 inch display that will incorporate a key number of features over and above that offered by the iPod nano with a watch strap attachment. Some of these features have been suggested to be biometric-related and will likely be targeted and the sports, fitness and health areas. The device is expected to run some form of iOS software but it’s not clear how much functionality Apple is looking to offer, particularly given the expectations of the public on battery life.
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Refurbished 7th Generation iPod Nano Now Available At Discount

iPod nano
The newest version of the iPod nano has today been made available in the refurbished Apple Store offering a significant saving of almost 15% on the price of the device. The 7th generation model, which features a new design, Bluetooth connectivity and a 2.5 inch display, is being offered in the refurbished store for $129 for the 16GB model. This represents a saving of $20 on the price for a brand new version which currently retails for $149 on Apple, although some colors are available on Amazon for $140.
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Apple Looking For Anodizing Expert For Next-Gen Devices

Apple is recruiting for an Engineer with expertise in anodizing processes to ‘help create the next generation of the world’s finest electronic devices’ according to a new job advertisement posted by the company. The person will apparently be working on new aluminum anodizing processes and additional surface finishing techniques such as blasting, polishing and PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition.

The recruitment posting comes as recent rumors have suggested that the next generation iPhone will come in as many as six to eight different colors according to analysts Peter Misek of Jeffries and Brian White of Capital Markets. The rumors pointed towards the iPhone 5S as being the first iPhone device to come in more than just white or black, and could indeed offer a similar color range that is currently found in the current generation iPod touch.
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Opinion: Intel Could Start Making Chips For iOS Devices

iOS 6

A new opinion piece is speculating that Intel could start manufacturing the ARM processors that power Apple’s iOS device line-up. The article, published by Forbes, suggests that Intel is making large steps towards securing Apple as a client for chip production, as they open up their chip manufacturing technology to other companies. Intel will apparently be starting to make chips for Altera, a logic device manufacturing corporation, and may have their focus on securing contracts to begin producing chips for Apple.

The article notes that the ongoing competition between Apple and Samsung will likely mean that Apple may be looking to ‘disengage’ itself from Samsung chip production. While Apple designs the ARM processors found in the iPad, iPhone and iPod, Samsung currently fabricates these ARM chips at a US plant. As such, this reasoning as used to propose a potential move for Apple from Samsung to Intel.
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Spotify May Arrive On iOS Devices Free Of Charge


The online music streaming service Spotify will soon be in negotiations with music labels to bring their service to iOS devices free of charge. According to The Verge, Spotify is due to renew their music licensing contracts with many of the major music labels and, as part of the negotiations, sources are saying that Spotify will be seeking to reduce the licensing fees that it pays to the labels. As part of this, they will also be negotiating to bring streaming to iOS devices, and indeed other mobile devices, free of charge, as opposed to the current situation whereby only premium subscribers can access Spotify on their mobile device.

The report notes that Spotify has a user base of over 20 million worldwide and as such, is looking to use their ad-supported free-of-subscription-charge model on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. This is similar to Pandora who offer both free, ad-supported versions and premium no-ad versions of its streaming platform on desktop PCs and on iOS devices.
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Apple Releases iOS 6.1.2 With Exchange Bug Fix (Updated)

iPhone 5

Apple has today released an update to iOS 6 in the form of iOS 6.1.2. The update is significant because it carries a fix for the issue that affected Exchange ActiveSync and iOS devices resulting in the excessive generation of transaction logs on Exchange servers. The bug was centered around calendar meeting requests on Exchange accounts and has apparently been resolved in the new update.

The update unfortunately doesn’t address an issue that was brought to light last week in the form of a bug that allowed access to a users iPhone even if the Passcode lock function was enabled. Despite this, the latest update is available from Apple now as an over-the-air update in the Settings app on iOS devices.
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Rumor: Apple Looking To Bring Full USB 3.0 Support To iOS Devices

Lightning Connector
Apple may be preparing to offer full USB 3.0 support for the iOS devices, as they look to recruit individuals for USB testing on new iOS and iPod product lines. The company is today advertising for a Senior Software Quality Engineer (USB) to join the USB Connectivity Compliance QA Team. The individual is expected to have knowledge of high speed bus device testing including SuperSpeed USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0.

USB 3.0 connectivity, while supported through USB 3.0 ports on newer Macs, is not currently supported by iOS devices. The new Lightning connector is thought to be able to support USB 3.0 data transfer speeds, although when plugged into the new USB 3.0 ports incorporated into the latest Macs, the data transfer is equivalent to that of USB 2.0, as stated on Apple’s specifications for the Lightning connector cables. With this hire, Apple may be looking to expand their testing team for implementing the new USB 3.0 connectivity standard within iOS devices.
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Highly Anticipated Mailbox Email App For iOS Is Released

A new e-mail app called Mailbox launched today from developers Orchestra, and has generated substantial interest. The app uses a novel virtual ‘waiting line’ whereby the app itself can be downloaded from the iOS App Store, but users need to enter a reservation number, or place a reservation in order to enable the functionality of the app. Reservations have been open since December and have generated a massive amount of interest as, at time of writing, there are in excess of 300,000 people waiting for an invitation.

The app itself is designed to make e-mail ‘light, fast and mobile friendly’. You can swipe each message to slot it into the trash or an archive, as well as easily viewing conversations in a chat interface. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to ‘snooze’ an e-mail until later, making it a powerful tool for those who deal with many e-mails on a daily basis. The primary aim of the app is, therefore, to attain an inbox of zero messages to deal with.
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