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Microsoft Office For iPad…A Bad Pricing Strategy?

Office for iPad
Microsoft yesterday launched the long-awaited Microsoft Office for iPad, bringing Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel to Apple’s tablet device for free of charge. There was, however, one major catch with this approach in that users could only view documents with the apps, and would have to subscribe to Office 365 for the sum of $9.99 per month in order to be able to create and edit documents.

While this amount also includes a substantial number of other features such as access to Office 365 online apps, as well as Skype calling minutes and OneDrive storage, it also represents a major barrier to what Microsoft is trying to achieve. Microsoft itself is treating this subscription amount as a monthly charge to enable users to work on any device, anywhere. The only problem is, and it seems strange to point it out, is that they are trying to get Apple users to switch to a paid service when Apple already offers the same thing free of charge.
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Microsoft Office For iPad Launches Today

Microsoft Office for iPad
New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has today announced via a press conference that Microsoft Office for iPad will launch today at 11am PST. The new productivity suite will be made available as three separate apps on the iPad, which will all be free of charge. However, initially the apps will only allow viewing of documents, and users will actually require an Office 365 subscription in order to create and edit documents.
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Fantastical 2 For iPad Is Actually Coming Soon

Fantastical 2 iPad
Fantastical 2 for iPad devices is apparently getting pretty close to launch as makers Flexibits have today offered a teaser image of the new app which is apparently ‘coming soon’. There is no release date given for the app, but users who visit the Fantastical 2 for iPad section of the Flexibits website are being given the option to sign up with an email address for news of the launch.
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Microsoft Office For iPad And iPhone Is Ready For Release

Microsoft Office iPad
Microsoft Office for iOS devices is apparently ready to be released to the public, according to a new report (Reuters). Microsoft has apparently been working so hard on the software that it is ready for a full release as soon as new Microsoft Chief Executive, Satya Nadella, has decided when it will be released. According to the report, Microsoft is losing a substantial amount of income, around $2.5 billion per year, the longer that it delays release of an iPad version.

Given that Office for the iPad will be targeted towards both business and personal users, there will likely be the strongest possible focus on cloud storage, probably via Microsoft OneDrive, and team collaboration, taking influences from Google Docs.
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Rumor: No More iPad 2

iPad 2
Apple is apparently winding down production of the iPad 2, bringing the era of one of the most outstanding device that Apple has produced to a close. The news comes from a report from AppleInsider who claim to have sources that are saying that Apple has decided to dramatically reduce production of the device. The reasoning is apparently that customers have shifted their preferences to the current generation of iPad devices, and with the iPad mini with Retina Display falling at a comparable price point, sales of the iPad 2 have suffered.
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Is Apple Perfecting IGZO Displays For A New Generation Of Mac?

OS X Mavericks
Over the past week, a number of new positions, the most recent today, have been advertised on the Apple jobs website looking for Engineers with experience in LED-backlighting and LCD displays. Broadly speaking, these new engineer positions are expected to contribute to the design, development and testing of completely novel and innovative display technologies ‘to be used in next generation Macintosh platforms spanning from notebook computers, desktop computers, servers and standalone displays‘.

These new positions should be considered in context with reports in July last year that Apple would be bringing IGZO display technology to both iPad and MacBook. The latest generation iPad Air was launched in November last year and was the first Apple device to contain the novel IGZO screen technology.  With the latest job listings, it would seem that the company would now be at the stage of testing IGZO for the Mac.
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Apple Estimated To Sell A Lot Of iPads

iPad Air
A new report containing estimated iPad sales numbers has been posted by Philip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune and it contains estimates that are greater than any other sales estimates before. The report, estimated to have been based on estimates from an estimated 45 analysts, both amateur and professional, suggests that Apple will have sold around 25 million iPads in the most recent sales quarter. This figure is apparently around 10% larger than the previous quarter (estimated).
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Apple Unleashes iBooks Textbooks And iTunes U Course Manager In More Countries

iBooks Author
Apple expanded the number of countries in which it offers iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager according to a news release issues by the company today. The services are expanding into new markets across Asia, Latin America, Europe and elsewhere. iBooks Textbooks can now be found in 51 countries including Italy, Brazil and Japan, and iTunes U Course Manager has been rolled out in 70 countries worldwide.
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Pandora For iOS Gets Better With Alarm To Wake You Up

Pandora has today released a significant update to its iOS app with some additional functionality to set it apart from some of the other free streaming music service apps. The app, with full compatibility for iOS 7, now offers the ability to use personalized stations for alarm clocks with the latest update. This means that, unlike the iOS Clock app which allows you to set a specific song, you can wake to a different track every day with the Pandora app.
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Apple Posts Christmas Ordering Deadlines For UK

Apple store christmas
Apple has today made some updates to its UK website to provide more detail on ordering deadlines for the Christmas season. The site shows latest ordering times for a variety of Apple devices, giving customers the opportunity to place an order that will be guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas.  The company has a similar page for US customers. For example, to order a new MacBook Air in standard configuration in the UK, the deadline is midnight on December 20, whereas a custom configured MacBook Air has to be ordered by midnight on December 11.  In the US it is December 18 for standard configuration, December 16 for custom configuration, and December 22 for standard configuration with next day shipping.

In addition to the MacBook Air, the company provides order deadlines for the MacBook Pro, the iMac and the Mac mini in standard and custom configurations. The company also provides deadlines for both engraved and non-engraved models of the iPad Air, the iPad mini with Retina Display, the original iPad mini and the iPad 2. The iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 4S can also be ordered in a variety of size configurations (all with the same order deadlines between sizes), and the iPod line up of devices. The company also offers order deadlines for Apple Store gift cards, for iTunes gift cards, for the Apple TV and for iPhone print products.
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