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iOS 8 Will Be Released Today

iOS 8
As announced at the Apple Keynote Presentation last week, the next generation operating system for the Apple iPhone and iPad, iOS 8, will be released to everyone today. The new OS, which will be made available free of charge, was released as a Gold Master for Developer testing last week, and comes just two days before the first deliveries of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus start to arrive on customer doorsteps. iOS 8 represents a big leap forward for Apple with one major new feature, Continuity, being touted as the ultimate way to connect together iOS devices and Mac OS X.

In addition, iOS also bring AirDrop to iOS devices, as well as Handoff, a new feature which allows users to seamlessly switch between devices when working on tasks. The extends to the ability to send and receive SMS messages from Mac and iPad, using iPhone Handoff functionality. Users will also be able to take advantage of iCloud Drive, a Dropbox-like service which brings full cloud storage features to iCloud users.
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Rumor: Next Generation iPad Mini Will Be Significantly Lighter And Thinner

iPad mini
A new report is today suggesting that Apple will be going beyond the thin and light construction of the Retina Display iPad mini and will be shrinking the device even further. According to Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News, the new iPad mini will be up to 30% thinner than the Retina Display iPad mini and will also make the device significantly lighter.

The information is apparently coming from unnamed sources in the Apple supply chain, but it is questionable as to whether this would actually be possible with current technology while improving on the processing power, and retaining the bright Retina Display and 10 hour battery life of the current generation iPad mini. The report touts the possible name for the device as the iPad mini Air.
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Apple Unleashes ‘Back To School’ Promotion With Loads Of Gift Cards

Apple has today unleashed their 2014 ‘Back To School’ promotion, offering free Apple Store gift cards with purchases of new hardware. The offer, which is available only for educational users i.e. students or Faculty, gives a free gift card worth $100 with the purchase of certain new Mac devices (excluding the Mac mini). In addition, a $50 gift card is offered with the purchase of either an iPhone or an iPad. Given that the program is running in several different countries, gift cards of equivalent value will be offered depending on where the device purchased.
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Apple Releases OS X 10.9.4 and iOS 7.1.2 Updates

OS X Mavericks
Apple has today released significant updates for both the Mavericks operating system for the Mac, and iOS for Apple mobile devices in the form of OS X 10.9.4 and iOS 7.1.2. The update for OS X, which comes around six weeks of the release of 10.9.3 contains a number of bug fixes and stability improvements. Apple has incorporated fixes for Macs that were having trouble connecting to known Wi-Fi networks, and also improves the reliability of Wake from Sleep. In addition, the update also contains a new version of Safari in the form of Safari 7.0.5.

The update, which is recommended for all Mavericks users is available through the Mac App Store software update mechanism or can be downloaded directly from the Apple website. It weighs in at around 280MB and is available now.
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Rumor: Apple Starting ‘Back To School’ Program Very Soon

Mac iPhone iPad
Apple is likely to be launching its ‘Back To School’ promotion at the end of this month, suggests a new report from 9to5Mac. According to the report, employee sources have suggested that Apple retail stores will be changing their front glass displays on the evening of 30th June once the stores close. This normally indicates a promotion of some kind, and falls within the expected timeframe of the Back To School program when it launched last year.
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Apple Patents Cool Smart Cover That Displays Push Notifications

Smart Cover Patent
A new Apple patent has been uncovered which describes a Smart Cover for the iPad that is able to display push notifications from the device it is covering. As discovered by AppleInsider, the patent describes a Smart Cover that has embedded LEDs or electroluminescent panels that would allow the Cover itself to display notification alerts when placed over the screen of an iPad, essentially replicating some portions of what is displayed on the iPad screen itself.

A variation on this theme is a flexible Smart Cover that is translucent in specific areas, so that whatever is displayed in predetermined locations on the iPad screen can actually be seen through the cover itself. The advantage of this cover would be that, unlike the first, it would not require any physical electronic connection to the device below, unless the Smart Cover with LEDs could be charged via inductive charging methods.
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iPad And iPhone Coming To Costco

iOS 8
Following on from Costco ceasing the sales of Apple products in 2010, the company will soon be selling iPad and iPhone as part of a new agreement with Apple. According to an email from Wireless Advocates, a subsidiary company, the new partnership will allow the selling of wireless Apple products through Costco stores (via MacRumors). However, it is not clear what the timeline is for the launch, as Costco apparently requires some preparation before it can incorporate the new products into its line-up.
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Apple Releases iOS 7.1.1

iOS 7 iPhone 5S
Apple has today issued a software update for iOS devices in the form of iOS 7.1.1, a relatively small update which contains a number of bug fixes and improvements to Touch ID on the iPhone 5S. The new update, only a few MB in size, fixes a number of issues with Touch ID, as well as offering improvements in Bluetooth keyboard connections with VoiceOver and keyboard responsiveness.
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Microsoft Eases Up On Office 365 Pricing For Mac And iPad


Microsoft has today modified the pricing structure for its Office 365 suite of programs giving Mac and iPad users of the service a little more flexibility in terms of subscription options. Following on from the release of Office for iPad late last month, Microsoft is now offering an Office 365 Personal subscription for one iPad and one Mac for $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.
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Fantastical 2 For iPad Available Now…For A Price

Fantastical 2 iPad
The popular calendar app by Flexibits, Fantastical 2, has finally been released for the iPad, bring all the features from the iPhone version to the bigger screen. The app, which doesn’t contain any new features for the iPad, offers the same experience as the iPhone version including high quality text parsing for calendar entries. The app itself is available for an introductory period for $9.99 on the iOS app store for a limited time and will soon be priced at $14.99.
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