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The New iMac Is Now Available To Purchase Online And In Store

Apple has today started allowing customers to place order for the brand new 2012 iMac, both in Apple retail stores and online through the Apple online store. The first batches of 21.5 inch iMac models have apparently reached Apple retail stores and will be available for walk in purchases, although the stock will be pretty limited in the first instance. Customers can also place orders for both the 21.5 inch model, with a base price of $1299, and the 27 inch model, with a base price of $1799 online.

The 27 inch model will not start shipping until December and is not yet available in retail stores, as Apple has stated that it will not launch until December. Currently, the 21.5 inch models are still showing as shipping in 1-3 days, so have not sold out yet. The 27 inch model is being shown as shipping in 2-3 weeks, meaning that it should launch in the first half of December.
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The New iMac Will Be Unleashed On Friday

Apple has today issued a press release stating that the brand new iMac, announced at the same event as the iPad mini, will go on sale in stores on Friday, November 30. The first model of the redesigned super-thin iMac to become available will be the 21.5 inch version, with the 27 inch version of the device still on target to launch in December. The new models will be available through the Apple Online Store, through physical Apple retail stores and through Apple resellers.

Earlier rumors had suggested that resellers had begun receiving notifications that new iMac models would be arriving in the coming days with a possible launch today, but this press release from Apple clarifies the roll out schedule. The company does not provide an exact date for the 27 inch iMac launch in December but will likely be making an attempt to get them in retail stores before the holiday season, particularly since the press release states that the 27 inch versions will begin shipping in December.
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Brand New iMac Models Will Actually Arrive This Year

A new report is suggesting that Apple is on schedule with shipments of the new thinner iMac models and that they will indeed be shipping this year as had been originally announced. The report comes from 9to5Mac who say that their sources are pointing towards a November launch for the 21.5 inch version and a December launch window for the 27 inch version. This contradicts a rumor from last week that the Apple supply chain was struggling with the engineering demands of the new models and that launches would be pushed back to 2013.

The report notes that Apple retail stores will soon be receiving stock for sale within the stores, and that the Apple online store will soon be updated to allow online orders of at least the 21.5 inch versions, and perhaps even the 27 inch versions as well. The new devices will, however, be available in limited numbers so placing an order quickly is a good idea if you are looking forward prior to the festive break.
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Rumor: New iMac May See Significant Delay Until After Christmas… Or Might Not

A new report has emerged suggesting that the brand new iMac unveiled at the most recent Apple event is experiencing a few issues in mass production and that these issues could translate to a later public launch than first expected. The report comes from French site Macbidouille who are saying that some of the welding techniques used in the new iMac mean that yields of the new design are lower than expected and that some models may not launch until after Christmas.

The report follows on from comments by Tim Cook during the recent Apple quarterly earnings call which suggested that while demand for the new iMac is expected to be high, there will be constraints on supplies for the first few months of release, although the Apple CEO did not elaborate on this further. Apple had announced that the 21 inch models would ship in November with the 27 inch model expected in December but it’s still unclear as to what models the report is referring.
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Apple Releases 13 Inch Retina Display MacBook Pro, Brand New iMac And Mac Mini

Consistent with rumors touting a brand new 13 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro, Apple has today unveiled the new device. The new MacBook Pro ships with Intel dual-core Core i5 or i7 processors, SSD storage and 8GB of RAM. The new device is just 0.75 inches thick and is 20% thinner than the existing MacBook Pro. It weighs just over 3.5 pounds and offers an eye blistering Retina Display. The new models ships today starting from $1699 for the base model.
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Apple Store Shipping Times For The iMac Start To Slip

Shipping times for existing models of the iMac have suddenly started to get a little longer when ordering from Apple’s online store as the rumored launch date for new iMac models approaches. In some European online stores, such as the French and Italian Apple Stores, the shipping times for the iMac, which normally is listed as ‘In Stock’ and ready for immediate shipping are now indicating 3 to 5 days shipping, meaning that the shipping estimates fall alongside the timescale of the Apple media event on Tuesday, October 23.

The German Apple Store is showing the iMac now shipping in 1-3 days compared to ‘in stock’ as displayed last week.  Additionally, one reader noted that the shipping time for a tricked out fully loaded 27 inch iMac has now increased from 4-6 days shipping to 7-10 days, giving further indication of a gradual increase in shipping times for the iMac. Thus far, it just seems to be some European Apple Stores that are affected.
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Rumor: New iMac And Mac Mini To Be Same Price As Previous Models

The next generation iMac and Mac mini will reportedly be priced at the same rate as the previous models, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. According to the report, the new models will be no more expensive than their predecessors with the new 2012 Mac mini starting out at $599 for the base model. In addition, the iMac will also be priced at a similar rate, despite recent rumors that it would be receiving a brand new design and upgraded display. This therefore pegs the base model iMac at $1199 for the 21.5 inch model.

The site also suggests that the new Mac mini and the new iMac will accomodate new 8GB RAM modules meaning that the Mac mini could offer options of up to 16GB, and the iMac can be shipped with up to 32GB RAM. This is a massive bump from the previous models which were only available with 8GB in the Mac mini and 16GB in the iMac. Of course, users could previously upgrade with third party RAM, but this is the first time that Apple has offered these capacities.
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Rumor: The iMac Will Get A Significant Update Next Week

Two reports have emerged suggesting that Apple will be announcing some updated iMac models at the iPad mini launch event next week. The first report is pretty brief, coming from AppleInsider, simply stating that Apple would offer upgraded iMac models starting the day after the media event i.e. October 24. The second report comes from 9to5Mac, who give a little more detail on what could be expected next Thursday.

According to the report, there will be four new models, likely corresponding to 21 inch and 27 inch screen sizes in base model and higher configurations. However, it’s not as simple as these models launching on the day after the iPad mini event as this report suggests that at least some models of the new iMac will not begin shipping straight away.
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Rumor: New Thinner iMac To Be Announced In Coming Weeks

A picture which is reportedly portraying the internal components of a new and as yet unreleased iMac has surfaced on Chinese website WeiPhone.com (via MacRumors). The photo is thought to detail the internal components of a 2012 iMac which is said to adopt an entirely new, and thinner, form factor, although the picture doesn’t offer any details on what the thinner iMac might looks like. According to the report, the new iMac will have a highly curved rear panel with much softer rounded edges that the current design.

The report also suggests that the screen quality of the new iMac will also receive a large upgrade, although there is no note in the report regarding the presence of a Retina Display in the new models. The 21 inch version of the iMac is said to be the first model to receive the update with the 27 inch update following later down the line as the production volumes of the new screen are optimized.
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New iMac Models Are Coming Soon

Backing up our report last week which indicated that new model iMacs would be arriving within the coming weeks, Clayton Morris of FoxNews.com (via MacRumors) is suggesting that an update to the iMac line-up is imminent. According to Morris, multiple sources have revealed to him that an update to the iMac is on the cards and that it will be arriving imminently. This aligns with what we were told last week, indicating that the iMac would be receiving a refresh very soon.

The iMac has been experiencing shortages in a number of retailers and our sources tell us that third party retailers such as Amazon are extremely short of stock and are expecting a new line within two weeks. The pricing of the new updated models is not expected to change dramatically, which tends to indicate that Apple will not be including a Retina Display with the new iMac models, a feature which would be expected to increase the price substantially, going by the recent Retina-enabled MacBook Pro release.
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