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Refurbished Haswell Retina MacBook Pros Now Available In Apple Store

MacBook Pro

Apple has added both the 13 inch and 15 inch models of the Retina Display MacBook Pro with Haswell processors to the refurbished section of the Apple Store. The 15 inch model was added first, but was quickly followed by the 13 inch model today. Both versions include the latest Intel Haswell processors and were originally launched in late-2013 making them the very latest versions.

The refurbished MacBook Pro models offer the same Apple warranty as brand new models, but can give consumers savings of up to 15% over the full retail price of the new models. The refurbished models are usually flawless and represent excellent value for money, although are limited in availability and configuration options.
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Buyers Now Won’t Get A Mac Pro Until February

Mac Pro
The new Mac Pro was released today and such was the popularity of the device upon launch that buyers now will not get their Mac Pro orders until February at the earliest. Today’s launch of the new Mac Pro, taking place both in Apple retail stores and on the Apple online store, has resulted in high demand, and only hours after it has become available, shipping estimates have slipped from December initially to February on the online stores.

The new shipping estimates are both for custom build of the Mac Pro and stock options, starting with the 3.7 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon E5 model at $2999. Stock options at retail stores are low as well and buyers who haven’t already ordered one will struggle to get one quickly.
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Pandora For iOS Gets Better With Alarm To Wake You Up

Pandora has today released a significant update to its iOS app with some additional functionality to set it apart from some of the other free streaming music service apps. The app, with full compatibility for iOS 7, now offers the ability to use personalized stations for alarm clocks with the latest update. This means that, unlike the iOS Clock app which allows you to set a specific song, you can wake to a different track every day with the Pandora app.
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Apple Releases OS X 10.9.1 For Developer Testing

OS X Mavericks
Apple has released the a beta of the first major update to the new OS X Mavericks operating system to Developers for testing. The company today seeded OS X 10.9.1 beta to registered members of the Apple Developer program, and has asked that focus is put on testing Mail, graphics drivers and VoiceOver functionality. The build number is 13B27 and is available now through the Developer Portal.
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Rumor: Retina iPad Mini Will Be In ‘Severely’ Short Supply At Launch

iPad mini Retina
The new second generation Retina Display iPad mini will apparently be in very short supply at launch, according to a new analyst report. The new device will be ‘severely constrained’ according to iSuppli analyst Rhoda Alexander (via CNET). Consumers will apparently not be able to see significant improvements in availability of the device until the first quarter of 2014, indicating that demand over the holiday period is going to play a significant role.
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Fitbit Launches Amazing New Force Wristband With Enhanced iOS 7 Functionality

Fitbit Force

Fitbit, the makers of the popular Flex wristband, have today unleashed their latest personal activity tracking creation, in the form of the Fitbit Force. The Force is a wristband monitoring device that contains a significant number of features and functionality, and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 devices (via AllThingsD). The Force contains all of the features that are found in the Flex wristband, such as the ability to track your own personal activity and sleep patterns, wireless syncing and the ability to see real time reports on mobile devices. In addition, the Force adds an altimeter to assess climbing and descent, and offers, in an interesting and rather simple inclusion, a watch display.

The new device utilizes an OLED display and will give users who have an iPhone running iOS 7 the ability to receive notifications on the display. These can include notifications about incoming phone calls, as well as a vibrate alert. Standard metrics measured by the Force include calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, steps climbed and active minutes, but the company says that notifications could be expanded further in the future to include e-mail and text messages.
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Apple Is Working On Improving iMessage Performance In iOS 7

iMessage iOS 7
Following on from the public release of iOS 7, a number of users have reported issues with the iMessage service, reporting an inability to send or receive messages in a timely manner. Apple has now made a statement to the WSJ saying that they are aware of the the issues and that they only affect a fraction of a percent of iMessage users. As such, the company is working on a fix that will be released as part of a future iOS software update, although it is not clear if the fix will be included in iOS 7.0.3.
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iPhone 5C Pre-Orders Start And Availability Is Good

iPhone 5C
Apple today opened the pre-ordering system for the iPhone 5C and, thus far, stocks are holding up well against demand. The pre-orders went live in ten countries earlier today and only some variations are now starting to experience shortages or prolonged shipping times due to demand. For example, customers in Hong Kong will now have to wait 1-2 weeks longer than the September 20 delivery date which was the earliest time that orders could be delivered.
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More Details Emerge About Ads On iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio
A new report is today offering a little more detail on some of the advertising partners for the new iTunes Radio service that is set to launch later this year. According to Ad Age, a number of high profile companies such as Nissan, McDonalds and Pepsi will be part of launch line-up for iTunes Radio and will be offered exclusive ad space on the service until the end of 2013. While subscribers to iTunes Match, which is $24.99 per year, will be offered the service ad-free, users who don’t subscribe will be served ads from the range of advertisers. The ads will be reportedly served once every fifteen minutes in audio format, and users will also be served a video ad every hour, normally when skipping a song, or playing a track.
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Mac Users Can Now Download OS X Games And Software From Amazon UK

Amazon Game Download has today launched a new option for UK consumers, allowing them to download OS X games and software directly from its website. The beta service, which has been available in the US for some time, is a digital store for users who are looking to instantly acquire titles without having to wait for shipping (via The Verge). Amazon is still offering boxed physical versions of games and software in addition to the new download service, but it clearly looking to compete with services like Steam which also offer game downloads for the Mac.
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