Rumor: Next Generation iPad Mini Will Be Significantly Lighter And Thinner

iPad mini
A new report is today suggesting that Apple will be going beyond the thin and light construction of the Retina Display iPad mini and will be shrinking the device even further. According to Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News, the new iPad mini will be up to 30% thinner than the Retina Display iPad mini and will also make the device significantly lighter.

The information is apparently coming from unnamed sources in the Apple supply chain, but it is questionable as to whether this would actually be possible with current technology while improving on the processing power, and retaining the bright Retina Display and 10 hour battery life of the current generation iPad mini. The report touts the possible name for the device as the iPad mini Air.

In addition, the report also points towards a new iPad with a 12.9 inch screen. The sources suggest that the new device will be in possession of an A8 processor which will bring incredible power. With the greater screen real estate, the larger iPad will apparently be able to keep two windows open at once allowing for true multitasking.

According to the report, the larger iPad with the 12.9 inch screen will be launching next year.

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  • Prof. Peabody

    It’s thin enough. Just reduce the giant side bezels and add a proper stylus. While they are at it, allow it to make phone calls and I will throw away my iPhone and buy one every year.