iPhone 6 To Have Flush Curved Screen

iPhone 6 iPhone 5S
A new report is suggesting that while some preliminary mockups and pictures of the iPhone 6 have been close to the final design, there are still some details that have not made it to the mock-ups and that is a curved screen. According to Nikkei (via GforGames), the display for the iPhone 6 will actually be slightly curved that will transition perfectly into the aluminum rear panel i.e. with a seamless connection. This is in contrast to the 45 degree cut edge of the iPhone 5 and 5S.

In addition, the white stripes that have been seen on mockup models depicting the separate areas for the antenna assembly do not apparently appear on the final version of the iPhone 6. This is likely because the white stripes are design notes only, and will not make it to the final design.  While the picture posted above (by Nikkei) looks simply to be versions of current mockups, it will be interesting how the new screen design sits in the iPhone 6, and whether future Apple devices like the iPad Air 2 or next-gen iPad mini adopt a similar design with the removal of the chamfered edges.


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