Major iWatch Details Appear

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Two new reports have appeared in the past 24 hours which give some more information on the long-rumored iWatch that Apple is expected to release this year. The reports, sourced from people familiar with the device, come from Reuters and the WSJ, both suggest that the iWatch will be be launching in the Fall, with Reuters suggesting that October will be the launch time. Apparently, the device will have a rectangular 2.5 inch screen when measured diagonally, and will have an arched shape. One of the more interesting points is that it will have wireless enabled charging.

The Reuters report also suggests that the iWatch will require a paired iPhone for full functionality and tasks like making a phone call and messaging. However, the WSJ goes on to offer further detail by saying that the iWatch will have in excess of 10 individual sensors to monitor health indicators, presumably also related to fitness. In addition, the iWatch is also expected to come in multiple sizes, in similarity to devices made by companies such as Fitbit.

There is no word given on what the pricing will be for the device, or specific details on the design or the materials that will be used for the iWatch. Interestingly, a 2.5 inch diagonal screen puts it in the same size range as the current generation iPod nano, which would actually be quite a large device to mount on the wrist. However a curved, rather than flat, screen will likely make the iWatch mould to the arm of the user, and it is yet unclear whether the iWatch will feature a Home button below the screen or on the side of the device.


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