Daily iWatch Rumor: October Launch, Curved Screen

iPod nano Watch
Following on from a claim yesterday that the highly anticipated iWatch would launch in September of this year, a new report is today suggesting that the device will in fact be launching in October of this year. According to the report from Japanese publication Nikkei, the iWatch is set for an October release, and will have a curved OLED touchscreen and the capacity to run a version of iOS 8. Apparently, the new device will allow the collection of health related data, suggesting that it will incorporate some of the new Healthkit functionality that Apple introduced at WWDC.

Apple will apparently be producing in excess of 3-5 million units per month of the new device, and will also be planning to more closely integrate their products with Nike, according to the sources. However, there is no word on how this will be achieved, either through the iWatch or through other avenues.


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