iOS 8 Tracks Your Location To Launch Or Buy Apps

iOs 8
A new feature which has apparently been implemented in iOS 8 is an app launch or recommendation service based on a device location. According to MacRumors, the new feature means that when you are in or near a location which has an app associated with it (examples used are Starbucks or a physical Apple Store), an icon for the relevant app is displayed in the lower left corner of the iPhone lock screen. In the examples used, this could be the Starbucks app or the Apple Store app.

Interestingly, the feature can also apparently suggest that the user gets an app that is not installed on the device. For example, if the device were to be taken into a retail outlet such as Costco, then a suggestion that the Costco app be purchased through the App Store.

While many users will find this feature to be incredibly useful, others may find it a little creepy, particularly if the feature cannot be disabled without removing Location Services for the Passbook app.


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