iTunes May Be Revamped

iTunes Radio
A new report is suggesting that Apple is considering a revamp of the iTunes Store in order to increase music sales in the face of streaming music services like Rdio and Spotify taking substantial amounts of market share. The report comes from Billboard, who say that Apple is still considering the launch of a streaming music service in order to increase music revenue.

The repot suggests that the overhaul would concentrate on the iTunes Store itself, rather than the iTunes software itself, although it is likely that many users would welcome such a change. With iTunes Radio only succeeding in converting 1-2% of listeners towards buying music, it is clear that streaming music is leading the market.

The cost of music seems to be a big factor in music purchases, with iTunes charging $1.29 per song, but services like Spotify offering streaming music either free of charge, or via a premium option like the $9.99 per month subscription plan. It is clear, therefore, that Apple needs to rethink how music is offered.

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  • lucascott

    iTunes needs a revamp. the software and the stores. For the software break it up and reduce the bloat. plus fix the crap like compilations no longer sorting and grouping properly. and add some kind of plug in or something that will let you home share without having to have the full software open

    The stores needs better data, and searching. Bring back the features from and heck even bring back some version of Ping only make it for all artists and not just label based music that doesn’t really need the exposure. Include things like complete my season and the quality for video stuff. And pricing could use some work. songs should be more iike .49, .69, .99 with movies running more in the $9.99-14.99 rang and tv shows show be .99 for 30 minute stuff, 1.99 for 60 minute and 2.99 only for tv movies and stuff like Sherlock that runs 90 minutes. no more marking up cause its on HBO etc (and get that stuff out sooner). 720p minimum on everything and fill in any missing seasons. plus if someone buys a season as it airs let them pay to complete any box sets etc.

  • Art Bell

    Overhaul sounds like an understatement. It’s as much the disaster of a ‘redesign ‘ of iTunes 11 as it is streaming competitors. We were 50 50 iTunes/Spotify before the re-design. Shortly after that iTunes was written off in our office.