Rumor: Brand New ‘Thin’ 12 Inch Macbook Coming Soon

MacBook Air
A new report is suggesting that Apple has been working on a brand new model of the MacBook that is significantly thinner than current models and has a 12 inch screen. The report comes from (via MacRumors) and says that Apple has been working on a notebook that lacks a fan assembly, enabling a much thinner structure of the device whilst retaining full functionality. In addition, the new MacBook will reportedly have a brand new trackpad design that doesn’t include a physical button as it currently has, but will function by other means.

The report also suggests that the current generation MacBook Air will be updated very soon and that the MacBook Pro will not receive any updates until September 2014. The new 12 inch model, expected to ship with a Retina Display, will likely replace the existing non-Retina Display MacBook Pro, and will sit above the MacBook Air and below MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

There is no word on when such a device would launch, if it is out of the prototype stage then it could be as early as this year.

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  • Re-read the original post

    The author of the original post never said the 12″ model was a MacBook. It was hinted it might be an iPad plus keyboard. Fanless design suggests an ARM64 CPU, not Intel.