Apple Launching 8GB iPhone 5C Tomorrow

iPhone 5C 8GB
Apple is planning to launch a new model of the iPhone 5C with only 8GB of onboard storage according to a rumor that has been circulated today (via German language site Caschys Blog). In support of the claims is an image published by Engadget (shown above) which appears to be the packaging for the device showing the 8GB storage and the new model number of the device. The new model is apparently identical in specifications to the current model of the iPhone 5C, but with lower storage.

The smaller storage capacity will likely allow Apple to launch the device at a substantially lower price point than the current SIM-free base model iPhone 5C which is priced at $549. With a $100 difference between the 16GB and the $649 32GB model, one could assume the 8GB model will launch at $449, but its more likely to be around the $479-$499 price point, particularly given the low costs associated with flash storage.

While the move may seem strange for Apple, and indeed for users who would prefer a 128GB model, the 8GB lower cost model will likely be targeted at cheaper markets in countries where the iPhone 5C is particularly popular.


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