Microsoft Office For iPad And iPhone Is Ready For Release

Microsoft Office iPad
Microsoft Office for iOS devices is apparently ready to be released to the public, according to a new report (Reuters). Microsoft has apparently been working so hard on the software that it is ready for a full release as soon as new Microsoft Chief Executive, Satya Nadella, has decided when it will be released. According to the report, Microsoft is losing a substantial amount of income, around $2.5 billion per year, the longer that it delays release of an iPad version.

Given that Office for the iPad will be targeted towards both business and personal users, there will likely be the strongest possible focus on cloud storage, probably via Microsoft OneDrive, and team collaboration, taking influences from Google Docs.

With a major new version of Microsoft Office for Mac set for release at some point in 2014, it is likely that a massive launch of the new products is planned. Some strange rumors have floated around regarding possible pricing of Office for iOS devices, but it’s likely that Microsoft will be looking to make it as widely used as possible with the free-of-cost challenges posed by iWork and Google Docs.

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  • lucascott

    Ready for release is moot if it is actually never is.

  • synthmeister

    7 years, and 600 million iOS users later (not to mention 100s of millions of Android users) and nobody cares.

    And if they do care, MS will NOT be able to charge >$100 for the “privilege” of using Office on your mobile device.
    MS forgot its own name–MicroSOFT–and should have continued making great software for ANY successful platform, instead of pining for yet another monopoly. Now they are completely irrelevant in the mobile space and potential profit margins are much, much lower. Apple set the agenda for high-margin hardware and very affordable software.

    (And how’s it gonna feel for MS to pay Apple 30% on every sale of Office?)