Microsoft Office 2014 For Mac Is Incoming

Mac Office 2011

Microsoft is apparently preparing to launch the next version of Office for Mac at some point in 2014, according to new information that has been directly sourced from Microsoft. According to Computerwoche (via MacWorld), Microsoft Business Group Lead Thorsten Hübschen has suggested that there will be some news on the software revealed in the second quarter of this year, and that Microsoft is extremely far into development of the new product.

Additionally, and in contrast to the typical Apple response to unreleased product queries, a Microsoft representative confirmed that they are hard at work on the next version of Office for Mac and that Office 365 subscribers will be able to upgrade to the newest version at no extra cost. The representative did not have any information on the timing of the release of the software however.

Microsoft has long been rumored to be working on a dedicated iPad version of Office but it is unclear when this would also be released. It would not be surprising, however, if Microsoft was planning a massive Office 2014 launch for both OS X and iOS platforms. The last major release of the Office itself was 2011, so it is certainly due for an update.

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