Rumor: No More iPad 2

iPad 2
Apple is apparently winding down production of the iPad 2, bringing the era of one of the most outstanding device that Apple has produced to a close. The news comes from a report from AppleInsider who claim to have sources that are saying that Apple has decided to dramatically reduce production of the device. The reasoning is apparently that customers have shifted their preferences to the current generation of iPad devices, and with the iPad mini with Retina Display falling at a comparable price point, sales of the iPad 2 have suffered.

The iPad 2 was launched in March of 2011 and was essentially the iPad that cemented the future potential of the device. While the first generation iPad was relatively bulky, the slimline and light iPad 2 gained huge amounts of attention when it went on sale, despite the fact that it was only a second generation device. However, with an ageing A5 processor and lacking a Retina Display, Apple is apparently going to be driving it into the sunset.

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