Rumor: A Brand New Apple TV Box

Apple TV
Some new evidence uncovered in the latest operating system builds for the Apple TV has revealed that Apple will be soon be releasing a brand new generation of the Apple TV. The discovery was made by 9to5Mac who have identified code in the first version of iOS 7 referring to ‘AppleTV4,1′ which is an unreleased model of the Apple TV. For comparison, the current generation of Apple TV is identified as ‘AppleTV3,2′ and the previous release in early 2012 was ‘AppleTV3,1′. The report also suggests that the the builds that have references to the new Apple TV also refer to a new ‘Game Controller’ network, but they are not able to say what this actually refers to.

Apple has been recently rumored to be working on a new version of the Apple TV with a built in AirPort router.  Given that the current version was last updated in January 2013, an update soon is very likely.

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