Novel iWatch Rumor: Shake Your Wrist In The Sun

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A new report is today suggesting that Apple is looking at several different methods for charging and maintaining power in the highly anticipated iWatch device. The report comes from the New York Times who say that Apple is looking at taking a relatively novel approach by utilizing induction charging for the iWatch, where instead of being plugged into to a wired power supply, the iWatch would simply be placed on an induction charging plate to charge the battery. In addition, the company is also looking at using either solar or motion charging to extend the battery life of the iWatch.

Motion charging is particularly relevant for devices worn on the wrist, and is already used in many modern watches. That said, it does only offer relatively low amounts of power and it is unlikely that it could fully power a device with a touchscreen display using current technologies, perhaps being used as more of a top-up to extend battery life. The report also notes that the watch is expected to have a curved glass screen, that potential could have a solar cell layer embedded within it.

The question is whether Apple is able to successfully implement these types of charging solutions into a device as small as the iWatch, particularly since larger devices such as the iPhone and iPad still rely on traditional wired charging methods. Features like induction charging are still only available in these devices through third party accessories.

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