The iWatch For The Under-30’s

iPod nano Watch
An opinion article from Forbes today suggests that the ‘health-obsessed’ iWatch may not actually be terribly appealing for consumers under 30. The article, by clearly-over-40 Anthony Wing Kosner, comes on the back of a report last night that suggests that Apple’s long-rumored iWatch will have a substantial number of health monitoring features including measurements of heart rate, distance walked or run, calories burnt, blood pressure or blood glucose concentration. The article suggests that the primary market for an iWatch with these features would actually be baby-boomers and the elderly.

The article correctly observes that these capabilities incorporated into the iWatch don’t tend to suggest that the device would specifically be a health monitoring device. So it is perhaps a misnomer to call it health obsessed. If the most recent rumors were true then it would be more accurate to refer to it as a fitness accessory, particularly if accessories were involved.

The article closes with the sentence ‘Certainly health monitoring is a hook for the oldsters, but the young will require more immediate itches to scratch‘. This is a good point, but it would be a mistake to think that the iWatch will purely be marketed on health-related monitoring.


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