New Reports Reveal More About Health Monitoring In iOS 8 And The iWatch

Fitbit Force
Two new reports have appeared today which offer up some more details on the potential functionality of the long-rumored iWatch. The first report comes from the New York Times who say that Apple executives met with the US Food and Drug Administration last month to talk about mobile medical monitoring applications. It’s not particularly clear what they were talking about but rumors suggest that it was either to assess the regulatory requirements for medical devices, or a meeting to solve an issue with pushing ‘something’ through FDA approval.

The report also suggests that Apple has been extensively exploring devices that are able to monitor various aspects of a person’s health. It is therefore thought that some of this functionality would either be contained within the iWatch, or within new sensor device accessories that could be paired with an iDevice like the iPhone.  The functionality could actually be similar to some of that offered by the Fitbit Force (pictured above) or Nike+ Fuelband apps.

The second report comes from 9to5Mac who offer a little more illumination on the future of health monitoring from Apple. The site suggests that the iWatch will have a significant number of sensors for health monitoring and can be paired with a new application in iOS 8 codenamed Healthbook. Apparently the new app will track read-outs like heart rate, hydration, blood pressure and blood glucose concentration. The site also suggests that when iOS 8 is released, it will be an incremental iOS update rather than another full revamp of the software.

There is no word yet on either a timeline for iOS 8 release, or for an iWatch launch, but some features are likely to be introduced at WWDC in June of this year.


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  • lucascott

    Or it had, nothing to do with the rumored iWatch and healthbook. Apple might be wanting to brush up on the regulations to better vet apps coming into the store. Or even to creat a MFi type system where things are also FDA approved and labeled.

    Apple wouldn’t want to be seen as pushing an app or device that claims to be medically safe, even one made by another company if it wasn’t so its in their best interest to understand the rules of play. Even to the point of requiring health apps and devices to show they were properly vetted by the FDA before they appear in the App Store

    • AppleBitch

      Very good point – may be completely unrelated