Facebook Delivering ‘Paper’ For iOS

Facebook Paper
In a pleasantly surprising twist, Facebook has today announced¬†that it will be launching an app called ‘Paper’ for iOS devices on February 3. The app is a reimagining of the way that users interact with Facebook as a whole, in terms of of both reading and creating content. Paper allows users to read items that are curated from a personal News Feed, but also from online news sources, either sourced by the user or from a team of Facebook editors.

The Paper app has been designed to have a magazine style user interface which is more reminiscent of something like Flipboard rather than the scrolling news feed which Facebook users will be used to. The app is designed to encourage people to rethink what sort of content they create, by using the new magazine style approach to encourage more creative thinking. With themed sections, it will allow users to follow stories of interest more easily.

The app itself was written by Facebook Creative Labs which is an R&D style setup based within Facebook that is tasked with designing new projects. It will apparently be available on the iOS App Store on February 3 for iPhone users. No word on pricing or whether it will also be made available for iPad.

Book, Paper,….Pen?

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  • lucascott

    I’m willing to give this a look. Flipboard etc are good but they still lack a few features like custom sections and customizing existing ones. If Paper has these it might be worth using, assuming it isn’t overall crap.

  • AdmZ

    There’s already zite, flipboard ect for this sort of thing. Think I’ll stick with them rather than using a Facebook copy, likely poorly made and for the sole purpose of targeted ad tracking

    • http://www.applebitch.com/ AppleBitch