Apple Gets ‘Aggressive’ Over Sapphire Sub-Components

iPhone 5S
A new report is today suggesting that the new Apple manufacturing plant located in Arizona will be the hotbed for the manufacturing of a sapphire-based sub-component. The article from 9to5Mac provides documents that shows that Apple is looking for approval of their ‘Application for Interim Production Notification’ so that they can “meet an aggressive go-live timeline of February of 2014″. The timeline indicates that Apple could therefore include more sapphire-based components in their products as early as this year.

Several rumors have circulated recently about how Apple could be using sapphire in its future products, as it has historically been used as a coating for the Home button and camera lens. One key idea could be the inclusion of a sapphire-based display coating for the long-rumored iWatch which would be rock hard and particularly resistant to aggressive scratches.


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