Rumor: A New Apple TV Is Coming…But It’s Not What You Might Think

Apple TV
Following on from a substantial number of reports over the past few months (read: years), that Apple was working on a television set, a new report is today claiming that a new version of Apple TV is in the works, but it’s not a television set. The new Apple TV will apparently house a wireless router, essentially a shrunk down AirPort Express device with 802.11ac capabilities (via 9to5Mac). The inclusion of a router would apparently improve performance for streaming to the Apple TV, although it’s unclear what performance enhancements would be achieved.

The new Apple TV will also apparently also include a greater emphasis on gaming although it’s not fully established what that actually means i.e. would the next generation Apple TV act more like a Playstation or XBox, or would it simply have tighter integration for playing iOS games through AirPlay?

In support of the claims is the fact that Apple has today created a brand new section on their online store devoted to the Apple TV, whereas before it was bundled in with the iPod.  A cynical person may note that the company could be preparing to discontinue some of the iPod lines in the face of falling sales but there’s probably still a significant amount of mileage left in products like the iPod nano or shuffle.


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  • lucascott

    Something tells me this isn’t it either.

  • Mackme

    If you took the guts out of a Apple TV, would it fit into the new AirPort Extreme/timecapsule?
    I have a ATV, not a new airport, they are the same shape but are they the same size?

    • Eden

      Probably into the Extreme.