Rumor: iPhone 6 With A Screen Larger Than Devices With Small Screens

iPhone 5C
A new report is suggesting that the next generation iPhone models will be arriving in the Fall, with two separate screen sizes that are larger than 4.5 inches and 5 inches diagonally. In a report that screams ‘Our sources are better than yours analyst dude‘, the WSJ suggests that the new iPhones will not only have two screen sizes but will also have metal housings, exactly like the iPhone 5S but rather different than the plastic housing found in the iPhone 5C, which apparently will be scrapped just a year after launch.

The report also goes on to say that the screen on the new iPhone models will not be curved, but fails to offer any illumination on what Apple has against the plastic exterior of the iPhone 5C. While one would assume that such a device would last more than one generation, the assumption based on the WSJ report is that Apple will be severing all ties with the iPhone 5C and seeking a swift but painless separation with plastic exteriors for telecommunications devices.


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