As iPhone 5S Launch Nears, China Mobile Receives 1.4 Million Devices

iPhone 5S
A new report is suggesting that China Mobile, the largest carrier in the world in terms of subscriber numbers, has received 1.4 million iPhone 5S units as it prepares for the launch of the device in China. The report comes from the Wall Street Journal, who say that, when the launch of the iPhone 5S takes place tomorrow in China, theere will be a substantial number of devices available for purchase.

Many consumers in China have been placing pre-orders for the iPhone 5S since December 25, but with in excess of 760 million subscribers, the device is still expected to be in short supply at first as millions of people try to snap one up. The iPhone 5C will be launching at the same time but it’s unclear at this stage how many of those will be made available at launch.

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