Apple Now Shipping New Mac Pro To Europe

Mac Pro

Apple has finally begun shipping the new Mac Pro models in Europe, nearly a year after sales of the previous generation Mac Pro were halted due to European regulatory requirements. As spotted by French Site MacGeneration, European customers are now starting to receive deliveries of the Mac Pro, a little more than three weeks after orders for the new model were initiated in the middle of December.

The reason that there has been such a gap between availabilities of Mac Pro models in Europe was due to the fact that the previous model of the Mac Pro did not comply with the new European regulations on I/O ports and fan guard placement. Since Apple had a new model in the works, they obviously decided not to make any major changes in the previous model, instead waiting to offer the new Mac Pro which met the new requirements.

The first set of deliveries are now starting to arrive for European customers who were among the first to order the new model when it was initially offered for sale. Due to high demand, however, European customers ordering a new Mac Pro now are unlikely to see a delivery until February at the earliest.

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