Rumor: iPhone 6 To Have Significantly Bigger Screen

iPhone 5S
Barely days after the launch of the iPhone 5S, a new rumor has appeared suggesting that the next generation iPhone 6 will have a significantly larger display than the current generation models. According to Jeffries & Co analyst Peter Misek, who has issued a new research note, the new iPhone 6 will have a 4.8 inch screen, which is much larger than the 4 inch screen currently found in the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C (via AppleInsider). The information is apparently based on supply chain information although its unclear how accurate this is.

The news follows on from prior reports from other analysts, such as Ming-Chi Kuo, and news outlets suggesting that Apple was looking into implementing a larger screen in the iPhone in response to the popularity of devices from other manufacturers. Misek doesn’t give any further details or notes on when such a device would be released. However, some of the analysts previous predictions have been drastically wide of the mark (such as predictions related to an Apple television), although he has demonstrated some accurate knowledge of unreleased Apple products.


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  • Fartwart

    I had the samsung galaxy note 2 it’s too big and decided to never go with a samsung product again they are a bunch of tools now worse then Apple in my opinion.

  • Sunrise250

    Yo, the only reason I am using the iPhone is because I am stuck in the Apple ecosystem (which, for the most part, I like). Happy with all other gadgets but the iPhone with it’s little screen? No.

  • KaleSplit

    From market leader to market follower. Hm…

  • Mark Alexander

    Just stop it.