Best Buy Now Offering iPhone 5C For $49.99 In-Store

iPhone 5C
In an effort to entice customers into shopping for new iOS devices in their stores, Best Buy has knocked $50 off the standard retail price of the iPhone 5C just two weeks after it was launched by Apple. ABC News has noted that the iPhone 5C 16GB model is now available for $49.99 instead of the normal $99.99 on a two year contract. Best Buy is also offering the 32GB model for $149.99. The purchase price is maintained through the award of a $50 gift card that can be applied to the regular store price.

The offer only seems to be available for a limited time as apparently the gift card expires after Monday, October 7. However, it does offer excellent value for money for customers looking to save on the regular $99.99 purchase price.


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  • Prasad Tiruvalluri

    A few more weeks and they will be paying money to sell these, i guess..