Five New Apps Added To Apple TV

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Apple has today updated the Apple TV software to bring five new apps to the homescreen of the Apple TV, which include two Disney apps, a Smithsonian app, a Vevo and an app for The Weather Channel. The Disney apps offer the Disney Channel and Disney XD, which give live and on-demand content, but they do require authentication through user cable providers such as Comcast or AT&T U-Verse. The Vevo app however, offers immediate access for all users to its library of over 75,000 music videos.

Similarly, the Smithsonian app does not require a subscription to be able to access, so users can immediately stream full episodes from the Smithsonian television channel. This is the same case with the app for the Weather Channel, offering on demand content and access to live shows.

Apple has been offering significant bumps to the apps offered on the Apple TV device in recent months, and will also shortly be adding access to iTunes Radio. It is likely that the company will continue to offer more apps over time, so it’s probably worth considering, given the current limited onboard storage of the existing Apple TV, how many more will be added.

Update: As noted by reader Jim, the five-app-update was only offered to Apple TV users in the US.  In the UK, users have been updated with the Vevo app, and an app for the iTunes Festival, which offers 30 nights of free music due to take place in September.

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