Apple Launching iPhone Trade-In Program

iPhone 4SA new report is today suggesting that Apple has begun training Retail Store employees on the details for a new iPhone trade-in program (via MacRumors). Apple will apparently be allowing customers, in partnership with Brightstar Corp, to trade in old iPhones in order to receive credit for new Apple device purchases. The traded-in models could then be recycled or refurbished and re-sold as low cost devices in other markets. The company has now started rolling out the training and materials necessary to implement the trade-in program in the coming weeks.

There is no detail on the date of when the program will launch, but given that Apple is expected to launch the next generation iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at an event on September 10, it wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibility that the company could make some mention of the program at this point. This could further encourage customers to upgrade to the new models while receiving credit for their older devices.

Other trade-in programs run by companies outside of Apple are available, such as those offered by Gazelle, but this program is the first iPhone trade-in to be offered by Apple which will give customers credit for their old devices. Obviously, customers can go ahead and sell their iPhones on sites like eBay, which may offer better prices.


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