More Details Emerge About Ads On iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio
A new report is today offering a little more detail on some of the advertising partners for the new iTunes Radio service that is set to launch later this year. According to Ad Age, a number of high profile companies such as Nissan, McDonalds and Pepsi will be part of launch line-up for iTunes Radio and will be offered exclusive ad space on the service until the end of 2013. While subscribers to iTunes Match, which is $24.99 per year, will be offered the service ad-free, users who don’t subscribe will be served ads from the range of advertisers. The ads will be reportedly served once every fifteen minutes in audio format, and users will also be served a video ad every hour, normally when skipping a song, or playing a track.

There has been no word as yet on the date of the launch of the iTunes Radio service. However, it is thought that it could be launched around the same time as iOS 7 and may see a first public release on September 10, at the rumored iPhone launch event.


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