Google Maps For iOS Getting Massive Update With Real Time Traffic Incident Info

Google Maps
Google has today announced that it is implementing real time traffic incident reports into Google Maps, and it is bringing the feature to iOS devices in the Google Maps for iOS app. The announcement, made on the Google Maps Blog, follows on from the purchase of crowd sourced traffic app Waze by Google earlier this year.

Waze is powered by user driven information, meaning that when Waze users report that an incident or delay has occurred through the Waze app, the data can now be utilized in the Google Maps navigation system. The new update will be rolled out across a number of countries initially, including the UK and the US, as well as selected European and South American nations. The new Waze Map Editor also includes Google Street View and satellite imagery to make it easy to correct mapping errors.

There is no word on when the update will appear for iOS devices but it will likely be rolled out very soon through the iOS App Store. The Google Maps app itself is available free of charge for both iPhone and iPad.


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    Wow this feature costs a billion bucks.