iCloud.com Beta Site Receives Big Update To Look Like iOS 7

iCloud Beta Site
The beta staging site for iCloud.com has been updated with a completely new design to reflect the new style of iOS 7. The beta site, which includes the latest versions of the iWork for iCloud, received the update today as part of the eventual roll out of the new iOS 7 design which is set for a public debut in the Fall of this year. The new design doesn’t just relate to the initial apps screen but is extended all through the site, meaning that the iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Reminders all adopt the same design structure.

In addition, Find My iPhone has got a new icon, but the icons for the iWork for iCloud beta remain the same. The changes just affect the beta site for the moment but are expected to be rolled out to the public around the time that iOS 7 is released. It’s unclear if the final versions of iWork for iCloud will also be released at the same time but given that they are in advanced stages of developer testing, it is not outwith the realms of possibility.

iCloud Beta 2


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    On all my browsers it’s still sos.