Apple Beefing Up Anti-Abuse And Anti-Spam Capabilities Of iCloud Mail

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Apple has today posted an advertisement to recruit a Software Engineer to join the iCloud Mail Infrastructure team to build new mail ‘anti-abuse’ infrastructure. The advertisement is specifically looking for an individual who can develop existing systems but can collaborate with other engineering teams to ‘define and implement new mail anti-abuse systems’. The advertisement also considers experience with spam systems/architectures a plus, indicating that the company is looking to significantly reduce abuse and spamming of users in iCloud mail.

Apple has a dedicated iCloud spam reporting service whereby any messages that are reported as Junk in the iCloud webmail interface are routed to, so the company obviously has a proactive approach to dealing with the problem. However, some complaints have been voiced in the past that the anti-spam service of iCloud has been a little excessive with some e-mails containing a zipped PDF or a specific phrase not being delivered to an intended recipient, even to the junk e-mail box.

Other users complained last year on Apple’s support pages that they were receiving substantial amounts of spam mail despite having never used an iCloud e-mail address.  However, these types of complaints have tailed off in the past few months as Apple continues to improve its spam detection systems, further evidenced by the recruitment page specified above.

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