Google Maps App For iPad Released

Google Maps
Google has released a long-awaited update to their Maps app for iOS devices, bringing full iPad support for the application. In addition to this, the new app, version 2.0, also has support for the highly touted Explore feature which Google highlighted at the Google I/O conference this year. The Explore feature enables easier discovery of nearby places such as shops, restaurants and bars, but is supported by Zagat reviews and crowd sourced reviews as well.

The app also includes support for live traffic reports, as well as internal maps for public areas such as airports, shopping malls and and transit stations. As before, the app gives users the opportunity to use Google Street View and turn-by-turn GPS navigation. The company says that real time rerouting i.e. if traffic reports suggest a better route, will soon be coming to the iOS version of the app but are not included in this release.

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