Developers Behind Any.DO Release New iOS Calendar App ‘Cal’


The development team behind the popular to-do manager Any.DO have launched a new calendar app called Cal, which is designed to offer a clean and simple user interface overlying powerful calendar functionality. Cal is designed to work with Any.DO so that tasks that are listed in the Any.DO app can be seen in the Cal app so that the to-do list can be fully integrated with the calendar.

The Cal app is driven by a gorgeous user interface underpinned by photo themes so that users can personalize their home screen in Cal. The interface itself reflects the clean interface that has made Any.DO such a popular app on iOS devices. While the integration with Any.DO could be developed further, the app is obviously in its first iteration so a number of improvements on the integration between Cal and Any.DO will likely be forthcoming in the months ahead.

Cal is available free from the iOS App Store now.

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