Rumor: Benchmarks For Unreleased 15 Inch MacBook Pro With Haswell Processor Spotted

New MacBook Pro

Benchmarks for an as yet unreleased MacBook Pro have apparently been spotted on the the Geekbench website earlier today, sparking speculation that Apple could be preparing to release a new model of the MacBook Pro soon (via MacRumors). The benchmarks point towards a 15 inch MacBook Pro with the model code of ‘AAPLJ45,1′ but it is not clear if this is a Retina Display model or a new base MacBook Pro model.

The new model has been classed as having the latest generation of Intel Haswell processors and also has 16GB RAM. The device has similar performance characteristics to the previous generation, but may be engineered to offer substantial battery life, as was the focus with Apple’s latest release of the MacBook Air series.

There is no word on when such a device would be released, or indeed if it would have a Retina Display, but the new MacBook Pro model could be introduced alongside the final release of OS X Mavericks which is set to be released to the public this Fall.


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