Apple No Longer Offering 24 Hour Dispatch In Some International Online Stores

Apple Store 24 hour
Apple seems to be no longer committing to dispatching products sold through some international online Apple Stores within 24 hours, according to some changes spotted on the Apple Store website. The company previously offered 24 hour dispatch for the majority of the products offered on some international online Apple Stores, in sections such as iPod, Mac and iPhone, or the accessories pages for these items. Whereas yesterday, the majority of items were listed as dispatching within 24 hours, all items are now listed as dispatching within 1-2 business days. This is a particularly significant change if shopping for an item at the weekend on a non-business day.

The reason for the change is unknown, whether it is due to a new policy that has been implemented in some international Apple Stores, or whether the company cannot guarantee meeting demand for an product within 24 hours. The change seems only to apply to certain stores in countries such as Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Other stores, such as those in France and the USA do not seem to be affected however, as most products and accessories are still being described as shipping within a 24 hour period.

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