iWork Lives! Apple Hiring For Testing Of Next Generation iWork Software


Despite many assumptions to the contrary, it seems that Apple hasn’t forgotten iWork altogether as the company has today posted a job advertisement looking for a software QA engineer to work on the next generation of iWork software. The position advertisement is specifying a software engineer who can ‘work on the next generation of Desktop, Mobile and Web application/services‘. The position appears to be focused on bug detection, isolation and reporting in the iWork suite.

Apple has continued recruiting for iWork engineers sporadically over the past two years, with the latest example coming earlier this year, suggesting that they were in the process for preparing the next major release of the iWork suite. Now that the hiring process seems to be transitioning to QA engineers rather than those who implement new features, the new iWork suite could be in bug testing stage, and thus moving significantly closer to release.

With the last major release of iWork occurring in 2009, many people will be looking forward to Apple’s strategy for taking on Microsoft Office in the coming years.


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  • http://Facebook.com/iMarty iMarty

    I use their iWork suite… In my opinion It’s a lot better than Office. It’s cleaner, and simpler to use… But just every bit as powerful. I hope that iOS’s iWork will get the bump to be a full-fledged suite just as power as their desktop apps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ajbezark Adam J. Bezark

    looking thru more of the job listings, another observation: the next generation of iWork looks very much like a collaborative web app. Thank god.

  • Travis Harvey

    for gods sake I hope so… I so want some updates to numbers and pages