Is The Apple Television Killer Feature A Massive Hard Drive For 4K Movies?

Apple TV
Many have speculated upon the killer feature that could be incorporated into the long-rumored Apple television set, a feature that would turn the television industry on its head. While it’s difficult to predict what such a feature would be, one analyst points towards a massive hard drive, in excess of 2 terabytes, as the low tech piece of hardware that would facilitate the killer feature which has been the subject of previous rumors…the 4K resolution (via Motley Fool). 4K resolutions are 4 times the size of 1080p HD resolutions and, as an example, Sony has just begun shipping a tv with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels packed into a 55 inch display.

The idea behind this is that a 4K ‘iTV’ could be marketed as a ‘Retina Display’, but wouldn’t require HDMI cables or a separate set top box. As the analyst, Mark Hibben, points out, the iPod was so innovative because it was a simple MP3 player with a big hard drive, and it would be that combination that would make an Apple television so successful.

That said, it would all be well and good for Apple to release a 4K television but the problem comes when it is time to pipe 4K content from iTunes to the television itself. A 4K sized movie, even with h.265 compression would be a significant file size, in excess of 25GB with maximum compression.

It’ll be interesting to see how Apple approaches this, and if indeed, a big hard drive will solve everything.

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  • Hm

    Too early. Contrary to popular belief, Apple don’t tend to lead, they tend to follow with something that works better than anything else. 4k is not ready for the mainstream yet. The Apple iTV trump card is quite simply their ecosystem and ability to design both hardware and software that looks stunning, is easy to use, and integrates perfectly with all their other devices. I have no doubt they’ve looked into 4k, but that would be down the track on the release schedule. HDMI is here to stay as well. But their accompanying discrete 7.1 wireless speaker system will raise some eyebrows… (and ears).

  • lucascott

    Apple isn’t likely to go full scale on 4k for a while. File sizes too big, Internet lines too slow, studios will either resist or what to charge double or more the current prices