Rumor: iPhone 5S Screen Manufacturing Getting Underway

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One of the companies that is responsible for the displays in the next iteration of the iPhone, Sharp, is apparently going to be starting production of the LCD display units for the iPhone 5S next month. The report comes from Japanese publication Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun who suggest that the ramp up of the components required for the iPhone 5S will start in June, and that other manufacturers such as LG have already started production on the displays required for the new device.

There is no information offered on how the production ramp up relates to the release date of the new device, but a June manufacturing start suggests that summer would be too early for a release of the iPhone 5S, with Fall of 2013 a more likely timeframe.


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  • lucascott

    bit of a no duh isn’t it. I mean they need a couple of weeks (if not longer) of product and QA testing before they start putting screens on phones and then a time of testing once they are on the phones before they go to truly ‘mass production’ and then they have to produce perhaps an easy 10 million phones just for the US launch weekend.
    So yeah if the launch is meant to be in Sept/Oct they will likely be starting soon.

    And remember that ‘next month’ doesn’t mean June 1.