Foxconn Moves Into Televisions

Apple TV

Favored builder of Apple products, Foxconn, is making big moves into the television market, according to a new report from the New York Times. In a strategy, that could prove interesting for Apple should the company make a long-rumored move into the television market, Foxconn has apparently formed close investment partnerships with companies like Sharp and, as a result, has invested around $840 million in a new LCD panel factory in Japan. The company now has the capability to make 90% of the component required for a television in-house.

While the move is said to be part of an effort to diversify Foxconn’s interests so that it is not as reliant on Apple, it is an interesting move for the company that builds a significant number of Apple products. Apple itself has been long rumored to be looking at revamping the television market with recent rumors suggesting that the company is developing a television with Ultra HD ‘4K’ resolution. The new television is also thought to include motion control functionality and internet connectivity.

While no timetables have been given for an Apple television launch, rumors have pegged the device for a launch at the beginning of 2014. As such, the Foxconn move will prove to be interesting should the Apple television rumors turn out to be true.


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  • lucascott

    Cue the talk that this ‘confirms’ that Apple is making a tv set.