Rumor: Low Cost iPhone To Be Better Than Expected

iPhone 4S White

A new report is today suggesting that the long rumored low cost iPhone that Apple is expected to release later this year will actually be of a better standard than many were expecting. The report comes from AllThingsD who have been speaking to Mark Moskowitz and Gokul Hariharan, analysts from J.P. Morgan. The analysts suggest that the low cost iPhone will launch at a price point of $350-400 and would be a ‘mid-range’ device, rather than a lower priced, less functional product.

While no details are offered on the device itself, previous rumors had suggested that the low cost iPhone would be relatively ‘stripped down’ and would feature a new design with a polycarbonate rear panel with an A5 processor. Purported images of the device appeared last month.

Better, Just Better…

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  • lucascott

    Oh please, they have no more information about this than the folks behind the other rumors.

    Hell at that price range they could be taking about Apple continuing the trend and having the 4s still on sale when the 5s/6 launches. If they use the same price points it would be about $400 full price just like the 4 is now.