Apple Releases iOS 6.1.4 For iPhone 5 Devices

iPhone 5 FaceTime

Apple has today released a minor update for iOS 6 that is apparently restricted only for the iPhone 5. The company issued an update labelled as iOS 6.1.4 that apparently contains one new feature in the form of an updated audio profile for the speakerphone on the iPhone 5. There is no further detail of what exactly has been fixed or altered in the update, but improvements to the speakerphone, for example during a call, are not immediately apparent.

The update does not appear to be applicable for any other model of iPhone and is available as a small (11MB) download through iTunes or Over-The-Air (OTA).

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  • lucascott

    I think folks are confused because they read it as a speaker fix. It’s really a mic one. In particular adjusting the noise dampening mic and also the echoing effect of using a mic and speaker that are right next to each other