A New Twitter #Music Service

Twitter Music
Following on from confirmations this week that Twitter had purchased the music discovery service We Are Hunted, a new music discovery service has been launched called Twitter #music. The service comes to iOS devices in the form of an app which is available free from the App Store and allows users to utilize trending topics on Twitter to discover new music.

The service gives four mastheads to facilitate new music discovery and playback. These mastheads are termed Popular, Emerging, Suggested and NowPlaying. Both the Suggested and the NowPlaying mastheads give information about what friends are listening to and new artists based upon musicians that are followed by the user. The app itself takes its music from either iTunes, Rdio or Spotify although only Rdio And Spotify offer full track playback i.e. iTunes will only offer previews until a track is purchased.

The app for Twitter #music can be downloaded from the iOS App Store but can only be used by users in select countries, namely the United States, the UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

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