Rumor: First iPhone 5S Components Appear

iPhone 5S Home Button
Pictures of what appear to be the first leaked components for the upcoming iPhone 5S have been published by French site Nowhereelse, showing what is claimed to be the Home button and a vibrating motor for the next generation iPhone. Details on the components are scare but the claimed Home button component for the iPhone 5S appears to show a slightly modified construction to that of the iPhone 5.

Interestingly, rumors have suggested that the killer feature for the iPhone 5S could be a biometric fingerprint sensor concealed under the Home button, but given the similarity of the Home button itself shown in these photos, it may not be the case. However, it should be noted that the connectors for the Home button part in the iPhone 5S do look to be a little more complex than those in the iPhone 5, possibly indicating an improvement in functionality, and may yet still mean that a fingerprint sensor could be included in the next generation iPhone. However, the veracity of these pictures is unconfirmed.

The next generation iPhone has been rumored to be launching in Q3 of this year with an upgraded processor and camera, together with a fingerprint sensor for user recognition.

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  • OhMyBosh

    Without the fingerprint scanning capability, Apple will sell 0 iPhone 5S

  • lucascott

    I suspect that Apple is looking to out in a biometric home button but rather either wants this tech for plan detection etc or the biometric will be in the display. They might even use it to get rid of the moving button. Imagine if the iPad could simply detect that your finger is flat on the bezel. Perhaps they could detect how many fingers were touching that that would be how you trigge Siri, take a screenshot etc. for hard reboots, which might two physical buttons they could just map it to the sleep and one of the volume controls like they do in the older nanos etc